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Aircraft passenger elevator safety protection and emergency measures

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● The lifting adopts the action of the middle single cylinder, and is equipped with a hydraulic lock. The left and right guide post guide bushes are in the form of ratchet teeth, which makes the fine adjustment and lifting smooth and without synchronization. The mechanical locking is safe and reliable for every 50mm of the guide column.

●The front of the platform is equipped with photoelectric range finder. The alarm is started when the telescopic platform is connected to the aircraft or obstacles 300mm to remind the operator to pay attention. The front edge of the platform is equipped with anti-collision protection device. When the telescopic platform approaches the aircraft, the anti-collision protection device Cut off the platform telescopic control circuit to avoid the platform colliding with the aircraft.

● The front end of the platform adopts the movable platform with telescopic and left and right yaw, and rubber tube is installed at the front of the movable platform, which improves the safety of docking the platform with the aircraft threshold.

● It adopts the middle oblique support front and rear straight foot form, the support span is large, and the stability is good.

●The platform is flashing yellow.

●The height of the passenger platform is increased by the digital display and the mechanical height indication. It is clear, intuitive and clear.

● Platform (optional) docking aircraft visual device: installed in the front lower edge of the platform, installed color LCD display in the cab, the operator can intuitively observe the distance between the platform and the aircraft.

● When the foot is lowered, the foot indicator indicates that the red light is on, prompting the driver, not allowed to drive.

●Equipped with emergency hand pump for aviation produced by military units. Once the electrical and hydraulic system fails, as long as one person operates, the withdrawal of the legs and the lifting of the ladder can be completed to ensure that the passenger car is evacuated in time.

●Equipped with emergency pump legs for electric pump. Once the engine is turned off or malfunctions, the legs will be closed in time to ensure that the passenger car will be evacuated in time.



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