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Hand-pushed Passenger Stairs

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WTJ3600TKT hand-pushed Passenger Stairs is a kind of non-motorized passenger stairs developed by our company. It is beautiful in appearance, light and practical. Adopting the principle of parallel four-sided rows, it can be adjusted stepless according to the height of the aircraft door. No matter how it is adjusted, the pedal and the upper platform are always in a horizontal position, and have a continuous ladder body. The height of the passenger ladder platform from the ground is 2640 ~ 3600mm. Suitable for A318, A319, A320, A321, B707, B727, B737, DC-8/40/50F, DC8-61/61F, DC8-62/62F, DC8-63/63F, 1L-18 and other series of passenger aircraft for boarding and boarding, and can also be used as a working ladder for the crew.
As a hand-pushed non-motorized passenger ladder, there is no car chassis and engine, so there is no fuel filling and maintenance costs and greatly reduce the cost of car purchase, economy and durability. Moreover, due to the slow speed of manual operation, the docking of the aircraft door is safe, and there is no noise and no pollution.
The passenger ladder itself is light in weight, easy to operate, flexible and smooth in steering, suitable for 1-2 staff members to push when close to the aircraft, and longer distances can be towed by baggage trailers, so it is especially suitable for medium and small terminals and large international airports and airlines with parking apron working areas.
The passenger ladder is equipped with a hand support foot and a hand brake device, which enhances the stability and safety of the passenger ladder when it is docked and used under high wind.



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