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Introduction of Electric Catering highloader performance close-ups

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Standard equipment of the whole vehicle: Big Data Safety Supervision System, ASD Safety Collision Avoidance System

Optional: Remote Operation, 360°Vision System

The industry's only dual EMC test, high and low temperature test, wet and hot test, through the car-grade three standards

Pumps and valves are selected from internationally renowned brands, with pre-installed ferrule connectors, high-precision seamless hard pipes, multi-layer steel wire hoses, and can withstand more than 4 times the working pressure.

Food-grade compartments, non-porous rivets riveting process, imported easy to hair adhesive sealing, the whole compartment aluminium plate a welded seam

Baosteel BS960EQ high-strength steel is selected, the weight of the whole car is reduced by 1000KG, and 8-year long warranty.

Steel parts electrophoresis, imported automobile special paint spraying, one-time forming forklift, using equal temperature, voltage and current welding large paint booth drying.

Printed circuit boards are used in the electrical box; interlocking devices are used for lifting and lowering the compartment and putting away the supporting feet.

Solve the industry's pain points: Tianyi patented chassis, authorised Qingling production of 53% more power, the whole vehicle thermal failure management comes with a fire prevention and control devices

Electric Catering highloader technical parameters

Vehicle length×width×height (mm): 9450×2300×3400

Outer diameter of passage circle (mm): 19500

Overall mass (kg): 10600

Maximum speed (km/h): 85

Driving range (km ): 285

Platform working height (mm): 2150-6000

Minimum Ground Clearance (mm): 180

Rated load capacity of cabin (kg): 3800

Rated load capacity of front platform (kg): 2200

Rated load of movable part of front platform (kg): 600

Rated load capacity of fixed part of front platform (kg): 1600

Front platform movable part left/right adjustment range (mm): 0-500

Dimensions of fixed part of front platform (L×Wmm): 1900×2085

Front platform movable part (telescopic adjustment range mm): 0-600

 Introduction of Electric Catering highloader performance close-ups



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