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JSTY5030ZJB Passenger boarding bridge product introduction

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JSTY5030ZJB Passenger boarding bridge  is a kind of non-motorized boarding bridge auxiliary equipment developed by our company, which can solve the docking between ordinary passengers' boarding bridge and regional aircraft. It is beautiful, lightweight and practical. Stepless adjustment according to the height of the aircraft door. The boarding bridge auxiliary equipment is 2250 (front) ~ 2550mm (back) above the ground, suitable for the ARJ21 and other regional small series aircraft passengers through the boarding bridge, and can be used as a transitional channel for passengers and staff to get on and off the regional aircraft.
The connection channel is used as a hand-pushed non-motorized bridge auxiliary equipment because there is no car chassis and engine, so there is no fuel and maintenance costs, and greatly reduces the cost of car purchase, economy and durability. The rocker lever is used to operate the electric rear axle, which can be operated at normal speed and turtle speed to dock the aircraft cabin
Door security, no noise, no pollution.
The access channel itself is light in weight, light in operation, flexible and smooth in steering, suitable for 1-2 workers to push in close proximity to the aircraft, and can be towed by baggage trailers for longer distances, so it is especially suitable for medium and medium service.
Small terminal use.
The connection channel is provided with a hand prop, which enhances the stability and stability when docked and used under high wind



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