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JSTY5050TQYE Luggage tractor (electric) technical parameters

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Product standard
1.MH/T 6048-2020 "Baggage Tractor"
2.AC-137-CA-2019-03 "Baggage Tractor Test Specification"
3.AC-137-CA-2015-20R1 "General Technical Requirements for Ground Service Equipment of Electric Aircraft"

Main performance indicators:
Driving motor controller Rated voltage V:309
drive motor Rated power KW :45
Driving motor controller Overcurrent protection A :350
drive motor Rated voltage V :309
drive motor Rated current (1h operating system) A:135
Power cell Class type: Lithium iron phosphate battery
Power cell Rated voltage V: 309.12
Power cell Energy stored KWh: 70.48
Power cell Total capacity Ah: 228
Total length mm: 3130
Total width mm: 1440
Total height mm: 1450
wheelbase mm: 1610
Angle of approach (°) : 20
Departure Angle (°) : 21
Front wheel pitch mm: 1270
Rear wheel pitch mm: 1215
Front overhang mm: 780
Rear overhang mm: 740
Quality of maintenance kg: 3810
Minimum ground clearance mm: 150
Minimum turning radius mm: 2950
Maximum speed in no load km/h: 35
self-weight kg: 3810
Rated traction kN: 38600
Range on a single charge km: 360
Maximum driving speed (towing 25 tons of cargo)km/h: 20
Maximum climbing capacity: 40.5%
Battery energy density Wh/kg: 160.26
Ningde Time battery waterproof grade: IP68

JSTY5050TQYE Luggage tractor (electric) technical parameters



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