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JSTY5100JCRE Airport ambulift Technical Specification

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Main features of the product
(1) The chassis adopts Qingling second class chassis, with strong carrying capacity and good manoeuvrability.
(2) The most scientific and reasonable forklift structure, the forklift adopts a large tilt angle backpack type cylinder.
(3) Adopting widened design of lifting device upper and lower frame structure, with very good stability.
(4) The hydraulic system adopts imported electromagnetic reversing valve, two-way hydraulic lock, emergency electric pump, emergency hand pump, etc. The oil cylinder adopts domestic high-quality products, and the key oil seals in the cylinder adopt imported parts.
(5) Emergency measures are complete to ensure the safety requirements for the operation of the boarding car for travellers with limited mobility.
(6) The electrical system is well-designed and fully functional, which can effectively prevent all kinds of misoperation and save the equipment from damage.
(7) Adopting integrated circuit board and relay combination control, the control system is advanced and reliable.
(8) Adopting multi-layer progressive tail ladder, which is convenient for operators to go up and down the compartment, safe and reliable.
(9) Rich configuration options to meet different customer needs.

Main Parameters
Internal dimension of the compartment (L×W×H) mm: 6570×2200×2100
Fixed platform (L×W×H) mm: 2300×2000
Shrinking platform (L×W)mm: according to customer's requirement.
Telescopic platform telescopic distance: 0-600
Platform working height (lowest) mm:2200
Platform working height (maximum) mm: 6000
Lifting height of rear lifting platform mm:0-1500
Maximum load capacity of compartment kg:3000
Rated load of fixed platform ㎏:1200
Rated load of telescopic platform ㎏:800
Rated load of rear platform ㎏:500
Driving range km:210
Charging time h: 2.5
Rated power kw/r/min:75/2000
b.Protection grade IP:67
Battery type: Ningde Times lithium iron phosphate
Total energy storage capacity kWh: 106.96
1.12 Charging mode: national standard DC charging interface (9-core).
1.13 Painting requirements: the entire vehicle according to the requirements of the bidder, in the factory to complete the external signs, signs of the entire vehicle paint work.

JSTY5100JCRE Airport ambulift Technical Specification



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