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Lift platform vehicle use

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The scissor lift platform is a special equipment for aerial work that is vertically lifted and used indoors and outdoors. Can be widely used in equipment maintenance, station, dock, bridge, hall, factory indoor and outdoor mechanical installation, equipment maintenance, construction and maintenance.

The electric lifting platform is a hydraulic lifting machine with automatic walking function. It can be used in different working conditions without external power supply, without manual traction, flexible movement, convenient operation and free movement. It only needs one person to complete forward and backward. Steering, fast, slow walking and up and down movements, saving labor and effort. It is especially suitable for a wide range of aerial work such as stations, terminals, airports, stadiums, and large enterprises.

The stage lifting platform is widely used in professional opera houses, dance theaters, and theaters. The company can design and manufacture special-shaped products according to the requirements of users. The need to quickly change the set; meet the needs of the stage craft layout; meet the needs of the dance design and the repertoire; create a special atmosphere and effect according to the needs of the plot; change the form of the stage according to the needs of different performance genres; vertical transport Goods, etc.; to the greatest extent to meet the needs of the show.

The crank-arm lifting platform is an alternative to the vertical and scissor lift platform for indoor and outdoor aerial work. It has self-propelled, self-supporting legs, simple operation, convenient use, large working surface, especially the ability to carry out multiple high-altitude operations in a certain obstacle or in one place. Widely used in highways, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines and other large-scale operations.



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