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Loader selection principle

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1, The choice of models: mainly based on the job site and use to select and determine. Generally, work is carried out in quarries and soft bases, and tire loaders are often used with snow chains;

2, The choice of power: generally use engineering machinery with diesel engines, operating in special areas, such as altitudes above 3000m, special high-profile diesel engines should be used;

3, The choice of transmission type: generally use hydraulic-mechanical transmission. The key component is the choice of the torque converter form. China's loaders often use twin-turbo, single-stage two-phase hydraulic torque converters.

4. When selecting the loader, fully consider the braking performance of the loader, including multiple brakes, parking brakes and emergency brakes. The brakes are hoofed, caliper and wet multi-piece. The driving mechanism of the brake generally adopts a force device, and the power source thereof is compressed air, gas top oil and hydraulic type. Commonly used is the gas cap oil brake system, generally using a dual-circuit brake system to improve driving safety.



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