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Multifunctional container board trailer components itemized description

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Frame: The national standard 16#, 10# channel steel, the roller beam is 63#x63#x8mm thick Angle iron, with a walkway in the middle, sealed with 3mm pattern steel plate, and forklift holes are installed before and after

Roller: The working face adopts a double row of rollers, a total of 28 pieces, and the roller is φ76x4mm high-quality seamless steel pipe (galvanized). Built-in bearing, both ends of the mouth type, two ends of the drum with M20 self-locking nut fixed, the biggest advantages of the drum, do not fall off, impact resistance, dust resistance, not easy to damage.

Mop: The use of 8# channel steel integral welding, the mop has the brake function, in the operation of decoupling, the mop by its own weight falling down against the brake lever to brake the rear wheel. The mop design has an adjustment function, generally adjusted to the height of the mop head from the ground is 80-150mm for braking the rear wheel.

Brake: Designed into double brakes, mainly solve the two groups of rear wheel wear conditions (including a single group of new wheels) can be adjusted each group, so that the tire brake plate is more consistent, avoid the danger of self-braking car rotation, so that the brake is safer and more effective.

Front wheel assembly: The universal front wheel is always 2 sets of double wheels, designed for 360 degree steering function, steering flexibility, wheel specifications 300 0-80 solid rubber tires

Rear wheel assembly: The rear wheel is 2 sets of fixed wheels (double wheels). All use solid core rubber core wheel, the specification is 350×100.

Rear hook: The rear hook pin is equipped with double safety mechanism, so that the vehicle does not detangle when running, ensuring the safety performance of the vehicle. The bolt is made of φ30 round steel.

Multifunctional container board trailers are mainly used to load P1P, P6P container boards, and LD1, LD2, LD3, LD4, LD7, LD8, LD9, LD11, LD26, LD29, LD39 containers.

Multifunctional container board trailers

Multifunctional container board trailers



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