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Passenger Boarding Ladder JSTY5120JKT technical parameters

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JSTY5120JKT passenger boarding ladder is modified with Qingling Automobile Class II chassis, which is the first and only passenger boarding ladder in the industry to achieve a height of 12 meters. The ladder is composed of fixed ladder, sliding ladder, intelligent activity platform, hydraulic system and electrical system. The product has beautiful appearance, advanced technology, easy operation, safe and reliable use. The product ladder lifting platform height from the ground is set to 3000mm ~ 12000mm, and has the function of adapting to the waves and back and forth to achieve the automatic adjustment of the boarding platform, can automatically adapt to and adjust the height change of the passenger ladder platform and the ship side, suitable for major international ferries and ports.

JSTY5120JKT passenger stairs configuration parameters
1. floating docking platform table lifting height range: 3000-12000mm.
2. The wind resistance grade of boarding ladder during operation is ≥7.
3. Both sides of the ship ladder are provided with night lights and handrails.
4. due to wind, wind and wave factors, equipped with intelligent alarm system.
5. considering the tidal range factor (rise/fall per hour 800mm-100mm), the boarding ladder and the hull of the joint is soft connection, left and right chord, upper and lower chord are intelligent alarm system.
6. passenger elevator lifting Angle range ≤38
7. ladder body width ≥1200mm
8. passenger elevator engine power ≥150kw, exhaust emissions ≥ national five emission standards.
9. car chassis: the chassis is equal to or better than Isuzu FTR series of well-known brand commercial chassis, manual shift, left drive, the total mass of chassis is not less than 16 tons, to ensure the safety, stability and comfort of passengers boarding the passenger ladder car, with leaf spring shock absorption.

Passenger Boarding Ladder JSTY5120JKT technical parameters



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