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Scientific knowledge of lifts

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Rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator A non-cutting fork type hydraulic lifting freight elevator, the characteristics of the lifting freight elevator. The rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator adopts heavy chain drive and oil wire rope for insurance. The rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator adopts hydraulic explosion-proof oil pipe and is equipped with anti-overload. Safety device, multi-limit switch protection, open door and power-off protection device, leakage protection device, multi-storey interactive interlocking chain, so the safety factor of the rail-type hydraulic lifting freight elevator is much higher than that of the ordinary freight elevator; Use a very wide range of vertical cargo transport equipment. It drives the oil pump through the motor, and relies on the cylinder to drive the heavy chain to drive the hydraulic lift freight elevator. Because of the hydraulic power as the lifting power, it has the characteristics of large load capacity and stable lifting, and is widely used for vertical cargo transportation between the upper floors of the building. The rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator adopts oil cylinder and chain transmission, and has fewer moving parts, so the maintenance workload is less than that of the scissor type hydraulic lifting freight elevator; the rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator is compact and adopts fewer bearings than the scissor type hydraulic pressure. The service life is much longer than the scissor type hydraulic lift freight elevator; the rail type hydraulic lift freight elevator adopts hydraulic transmission, so the load capacity is relatively large; the transfer height of the rail type hydraulic lift freight elevator is much higher than the scissor type hydraulic lift freight elevator, up to several Ten meters, the stability is better than the scissor type hydraulic lifting freight elevator; the rail type hydraulic lifting freight elevator descends by its own weight and cargo weight, so it is more economical than the ordinary freight elevator operation; the hydraulic lifting freight elevator adopts plc programmable controller, which can realize intelligent control. And display, at the same time the line is simple, and the failure rate is low. According to the different structure of the lift: scissor lifts (fixed scissor lifts, mobile lifts), set of cylinder lifts, aluminum alloy (column) lifts, curved arm lifts (replacement of folding arms), cylinders Straight-top lifting device, rail chain elevator (elevator, freight elevator), steel cable hydraulic lifting device. The hydraulic oil is formed by the vane pump to a certain pressure. The oil filter, the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, the throttle valve, the hydraulic control check valve and the balance valve enter the lower end of the liquid cylinder, so that the piston of the liquid cylinder moves upward, lifting the weight. The oil returning from the upper end of the liquid cylinder is returned to the fuel tank through the explosion-proof electromagnetic reversing valve, and the rated pressure is adjusted through the overflow valve, and the pressure gauge reading value is observed through the pressure gauge.


Classification: Scissor lifts are divided into mobile scissor lifts and fixed scissor lifts; among them, the mobile type is divided into traction type and self-propelled artificial traction type. There are three major categories of self-propelled.

At the same time, the scissor lifts can be divided into scissor-type large wheels and scissor-type small wheel lifts due to different environments.

Scissor-type large wheel lifts are suitable for outdoor operations such as factories, workshops, workshops, repairing aerial cranes, and scissor-type small wheel lifts. The quality is light and the appearance is beautiful. It is often used in high-end indoor places such as municipal enterprises and hotel auditoriums.

Introduction: Scissor lifts are versatile special equipment for aerial work. Its scissor-type mechanical structure makes the lifting platform have higher stability after lifting, the large working platform and high carrying capacity, which makes the working range of the aerial work larger and suitable for multiple people to work at the same time. It makes working at heights more efficient and safer. It is a versatile aerial work lifting device.

Features: The lifting mechanism is made of high-strength manganese steel 钜 tube. Safety protection against overloading the lift. A safety valve is provided to prevent the hydraulic line from rupturing. There is an emergency descent device in the event of a power outage. This product is suitable for mobile high-altitude operations such as installation and maintenance of high-altitude equipment in various industries. According to different requirements, different power forms (such as: three-phase AC power supply, single-phase AC power supply, DC power supply and internal combustion power) can be selected. With manual hydraulic device, it can be lifted and lowered as usual in power failure or no power supply, and can be expanded and contracted. The platform can be extended to the desired position when the length of the platform is insufficient, thereby improving work efficiency. It is an ideal equipped product for modern tall buildings and equipment, and is a must for safe and civilized production at high altitude.

Uses: Suitable for airport terminal buildings, aircraft repairs, stations, docks, shopping malls, stadiums, residential properties, factories and mines, and other large areas of high-altitude continuous operations. Some products have the function of automatic walking, which can travel quickly and slowly under different working conditions. Only one person can operate the machine in the air to complete the movements of up and down, forward, backward, and steering continuously. When the machine is at a standstill, the wheels are always in a braking state and can reliably brake at 6 degrees. Large-diameter extra-wide high-quality rubber wheels allow the user's ground to be effectively protected while increasing the friction of the brakes.



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