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Air Start Unit Performance

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1) The air start unit shall be equipped with a mechanical ball valve with automatic unloading function, which can quickly cut off the air supply to the aircraft;

2) The air source vehicle should be equipped with a pipe with standard aircraft connectors, each pipe length ≥ 12m, pipe internal diameter of 89mm, internal wire mesh, with anti-dragging wear and tear protection facilities, and pipe storage hopper;

3)The Air Start Unit shall be equipped with a portable fire extinguisher;

4)The Air Start Unit shall have a low fuel warning system;

5) The Air Start Unit's unit operator's console, air supply valve handle, and air hose storage hopper shall be mounted in a position that is convenient for an operator who is approximately 1650mm in height to operate;

6) The engine and compressor shall be equipped with a common air filter.

1.4 technical performance requirements of the car chassis

1) A car chassis produced after 2020 with the steering wheel left should be used;

2) The overall mass of the gas source vehicle should be less than the type of chassis truck calibrated overall mass of 500 Kg or more;

3) The main performance requirements of the engine:

a. Type: water-cooled, supercharged, intercooled, four-stroke diesel electric injection engine;

b. Exhaust emissions should be no less than the National V standard;.

4) The transmission shall have one reverse gear, more than five forward gears, automatic or manual gear change;

5) Power-assisted steering shall be adopted;

6)It should adopt double-pipe hydraulic braking system and conform to the relevant provisions of the national standard GB12676 "Automotive Braking System Structure, Performance and Test Methods" or the European ECE Regulation No. 13;

7)The cab equipment and instrumentation, lighting and other systems shall comply with the requirements of industrial standards for automobiles;

8) A yellow warning light shall be installed on the top of the cab.

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