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JSTY5050GWS aircraft Lavatory Service Truck product introduction

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JSTY5050GWS aircraft Lavatory Service Truck is a new type of airfield special vehicle for collecting sewage and filling water for aircraft, which is modified by the second class chassis of Jiangling. Designed for the rear lifting work platform, large capacity cleaning, sewage tank in the middle. Hydraulic motor driven vacuum pump suction system (optional) and hydraulic motor driven stainless steel acid resistant pump, vacuum pump suction system can efficiently and conveniently provide suction service for aircraft sewage tank, hydraulic motor driven stainless steel pump for aircraft sewage tank and sewage tank to provide cleaning function. The chassis cab of the product is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, and the occupant is 2 people; The drive type is 4×2, the volume of the clean water tank is 1.0m⊃3;, the volume of the sewage tank is 2.0m⊃3;, and the water supply flow is ≥150min. Water supply pressure 0.345Mpa. The suction sewage flow rate is 600L/min. The height of the lifting platform from the ground is 400mm to 2800mm.

The product can be widely used in A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, A340, B707, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC8, 1L-18, 1L-62, MD11, MD80 and other models.

The car has stable performance and low center of gravity. Good stability and maintainability. Safe and convenient operation. Reasonable structure design, advanced technology, beautiful appearance.

Technical parameter

Total length (mm):6550

Total width (mm):1900

Total height (mm):2150

Wheelbase (mm):3360

Wheel base (front/rear) (mm):1385/1425

Front overhang (mm):1090

Rear overhang (mm):2100

Approach Angle (°):20

Departure Angle (°):6

Minimum ground clearance (mm):200

Maintenance weight (kg):3600

Total mass (kg):6630

Channel circle Outer circle diameter (mm):15500

Maximum driving range (km/h):80

Sewage tank volume (L):2000

Clean water tank volume (L):1000

Water supply flow (L/min):≥150

Water supply pressure (Mpa):0.25~0.345

Minimum height of platform (mm):400

Maximum height of working platform (mm) :3000

Sewage tank material: Stainless steel plate 0Cr18Ni9Ti/4

Vacuum sewage tank material :Stainless steel plate 0Cr18Ni9Ti/4

Lavatory Service Truck



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