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Aircraft Potable water service truck water supply system introduction

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Aircraft Potable water service truck chassis cab for the flat head, single seat, two-door type, passenger 2 people; drive type for 4 × 2, fresh water tank volume of 4m ⊃3;, fresh water flow ≥ 150L/min.

Aircraft Potable water service truck The water pump is installed in the lower right front end of the box, directly connected with the outlet of the water tank, the water pump adopts stainless steel centrifugal pump, driven by hydraulic motor. The water pump is made of stainless steel, with mechanical sealing, and the lowest part of the water pump is equipped with a water discharge screw plug. In the water pipeline system is equipped with a safety regulator, according to the actual use of the water supply can be adjusted when the water pressure (general conditions, the water supply pressure of 0.25Mpa ~ 0.40Mpa).

The water hose is a food-grade delivery hose, and there is a water filling connector at the end of the outlet pipe, which can be quickly connected with the water filling port of the aircraft, and there is a cut-off valve on the working platform at the middle of the water supply pipeline, which is used for controlling the backflow of the water in the water supply pipeline and the flow rate of the water. An electronic turbine-type flow meter is installed in the pipeline, which makes it easy to see the amount of water and flow rate of each filling.

Overall length mm: 7265

Overall width mm: 2140

Overall height mm: 2295

Wheelbase mm: 3815

Wheelbase (front/rear) mm: 1504/1425

Front overhang mm: 1010

Rear overhang mm: 2440

Fresh water compartment volume L: 4000

Approach angle (°): 22

Departure angle (°): 6

Minimum ground clearance mm: 200

Outer diameter of access circle mm: 17000

Overall mass kg: 4160

Maximum speed km/h: 80

Maximum operating speed km/h: 50

Water supply flow rate L/min: ≥150

Water supply pressure Mpa: 0.25-0.40

Pump material: stainless steel corrosion-resistant pump

Platform lifting height mm: 400-3000

Maximum platform load kg: 200

Aircraft Potable water service truck



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