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Electric Air Catering Trucks Electrical System

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1. It adopts 107kWh total electric power, which is composed of control in the cab, compartment operation box, ground operation box and electrical box. With relay logic control circuit, all the relays are concentrated in the printed circuit board of the electrical box, and interlocks are implemented for the functions of lifting and lowering of the compartment, placing and retracting of the supporting feet, and moving and telescoping of the platform. The ground operation box is equipped with buttons and indicator lights for raising and lowering the compartment, putting and retracting the supporting feet, and so on. The operation box inside the compartment is equipped with compartment lifting and lowering; platform moving and retracting buttons and indicator lights.        

2. Setting up the protection circuit of platform stretching, when the sensor senses the object, cut off the control circuit of platform stretching so that the platform stops stretching out.

3. Setting up the control circuit to start the emergency flameout circuit and adopting the emergency electric pump, and setting up the support foot indication signal. Relays and switches are all of well-known brands. Electrically controlled hydraulic operating platform, lighting electrical switch, emergency stop switch.

JSTY5100JSPE Electric air catering trucks Vehicle structure mainly consists of chassis, supporting foot structure, lifting device, compartment, working platform, refrigerated unit, electrical system and hydraulic system.

Electric air catering trucks Electrical system



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