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Electric self-propelled Passenger Stairs performance features

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JSTY5070KTE Electric self-propelled Passenger Stairs adopts Qingling EV100 electric chassis modified assembly, fixed ladder and sliding ladder, tail ladder, hydraulic system, electric system, canopy and other components.

The energy-saving performance of pure electric power meets the demand of green environmental protection; the main supporting parts are all famous brand products with high reliability, advanced technical performance and complete functions.

JSTY5070KTE Electric self-propelled Passenger Stairs performance features

Adopting Qingling's second class pure electric chassis, the ladder body adopts Baosteel 960 high-strength steel.

The only one in China that has passed the GB34660-2017 civil aviation standard and GB/T18387-2017 national Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) standard with double electromagnetic compatibility testing standards.

TY-ASD safety leaning system obtains national invention patent.

Equipped with reversing image, driving recorder, GPS positioning, big data management platform, optional 360 surround view system.

Shrinkable double ladder design, ladder width 1.5m, maximum angle of the ladder body is 37.5°.

The maximum number of passenger ladder trucks is 88 people, the lifting range is designed 2.15m-4.8m.

Vehicle sheet metal parts all adopt electrophoresis baking paint technology, chassis spraying armor, to meet ICAO-airport service standards.

Adopting lithium iron phosphate battery with capacity of 106.95kwh, battery density of 153.84Wh/kg, and protection level of IP68.

Range is 290Km, range: 214km+106 times for large airports, 212km+105 times for medium airports, 210km+105 times for small airports.

Electric self-propelled Passenger Stairs



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