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What are the main components of Fire rescue ladder

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Fire rescue ladder is composed of remote control chassis, movable ladder base, movable ladder, hydraulic outrigger, front support wheel, lifting cylinder, hydraulic system and electrical system.

The remote control chassis is composed of chassis, front axle, rear axle, steering wheel, power battery, hydraulic power unit, electrical box, hand pump and step. Through the handheld remote control can achieve forward, backward, left turn, right turn and other functions.

The movable ladder base consists of chassis frame, movable ladder support seat, step, handrail, hydraulic power unit shield and operation box.

The movable ladder is composed of ladder body skeleton, hydraulic cylinder support seat, support support seat, step, step auxiliary ladder, handrail and pecked lap board. The ladder body skeleton and step auxiliary ladder and step are combined by the parallelogram mechanism, so that the step is parallel to the ground when the ladder is in any height position.

Hydraulic outriggerHydraulic outrigger consists of outrigger frame, hydraulic cylinder pin and outrigger bridge.

Front support wheel consists of directional wheel, swing support, swing beam and swing pin etc.

Hydraulic system consists of tank assembly, motor, gear pump, relief valve, check valve, electromagnetic directional valve, one-way throttle valve, shunt collector valve, pressure gauge, shut-off valve, lifting cylinder, manual pump, tubing and piping and other auxiliary components. The rated pressure of the hydraulic system is 10Mpa, which has been debugged before leaving the factory, and cannot be adjusted in use.

Fire rescue ladder



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