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Passenger boarding ladder ( hand-push ) configuration details

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Passenger boarding ladder ( hand-push ) applies to A318, A319, A320, A321, B707, B727, B737, DC-8/40/50F, DC8-61/61F, DC8-62/62F, DC8-63/63F, 1L-18 and other series of passenger aircraft passenger The passenger boarding ladder can be used as a hand-propelled ladder for passengers and also as a working ladder for flight attendants.

This passenger boarding ladder is a hand-push passenger boarding ladder. Because it is a homemade chassis, there is no engine, so the purchase cost is low; because there is no need to refill fuel, so the cost of use is reduced; because the functions are manually operated, the failure rate is low, so the maintenance cost is low; hand-push passenger boarding ladder has the advantages of no noise, no pollution, and safety of docking the aircraft hatch and so on.

Passenger boarding ladder has sliding door assembly, guard plate assembly, ladder body assembly, lifting mechanism, base frame assembly, platform assembly, tail ladder assembly and other components. The structure of this ladder is a vertical plate change type, boarding ladder up and down when lifting, the upper and lower ladder frame for the parallelogram movement, the platform height from the ground changes for 2640 ~ 3600mm.

Overall dimensions (length × width × height) : 8280×2230×3630mm

Upper platform size: 2000×1400

Step size: 200mm×1120mm×140mm

Maximum Angle between ladder body and level: 38°

Minimum ground clearance: 150mm

Channel circle outer circle diameter: 17500mm

Front/rear wheel base: 900/1550mm

Wheelbase: 4430mm

Quality: 2100KG

Capacity: 33 people

Maximum towing speed: 20km/h

Height range of passenger elevator:

Configuration 1:2500 mm to 3650mm

Configuration 2:3200 mm to 4400mm

Configuration 2:2050 mm to 3440mm

Passenger boarding ladder



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