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WTJ5040JKT passenger boarding ladder introduction

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WTJ5040JKT passenger boarding ladder is developed by Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Special Equipment Co., LTD. : "Step height can change" first class passenger boarding ladder, modified by Qingling QL1070A1KAY type second class chassis. The passenger ladder car is designed according to the principle of parallel four-sided rows, which can be adjusted stepless according to the height of the aircraft door. No matter how it is adjusted, the pedal and the upper platform are always in a horizontal position and have a continuous ladder body.

The front of the platform is equipped with two sets of safety devices for docking aircraft, and the cockpit is equipped with platform height display. The platform height range of the product is 2400-4400mm. It can be widely used in A310, A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, B707, B727, B737, B757, B767, DC8, IL-18, IL-62, MD80 and other series of aircraft, suitable for large, medium and small airport airlines.

Overall dimensions (L × W × H) mm: 8180×2100×3380

Platform dimensions (L × W) mm: 2150×1700

Ladder body armrest height mm :830

Front suspension mm :1015

Rear suspension mm :3260

Wheelbase mm :3815

Longitudinal center distance mm: 3815

Extension mm :545

Pedal height mm (platform above ground 2400/4400): 85-200

Chassis model :QL1070A1KAY

Engine type :4KH1-TCNG40

Total vehicle weight kg: 4900

Front axle load (allowable load) kg: 2040 (2580)

Rear axle load (allowable load) kg :2860 (4720)

Departure Angle °: 11

Approach Angle  °:23.8

Tilt Angle ° :15-39

Platform and horizontal plane Angle °: -1~0.5

Tail turntable Angle °: 90

Telescopic platform swing Angle °: ±9

Minimum ground clearance mm :180

Pedal size (length × width) mm :300×1400

Platform handrail height mm :1020

Activity platform travel mm :300

Working platform lifting height mm :2400-4400

Platform carrying capacity :8

Total capacity: 50

Maximum distance between front section of platform and gunwale mm :1200

Working environment temperature ° C:-20~50 

Ambient relative humidity % :20-100

Hydraulic tank volume L :78

Hydraulic system pressure MPa :12

Diesel tank volume L: 100

Hydraulic oil Model :10# Aviation ground hydraulic oil

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