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Passenger stairway (hand-pushed) lifting mechanism

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WTJ3600TKT Passenger boarding ladder platform is 2640 ~ 3600mm above the ground. Suitable for A318, A319, A320, A321, B707, B727, B737, DC-8/40/50F, DC8-61/61F, DC8-62/62F, DC8-63/63F, 1L-18 and other series of passenger aircraft for boarding and boarding, and can also be used as a working ladder for the crew.

As a hand-pushed non-motorized passenger ladder, there is no car chassis and engine, so there is no fuel filling and maintenance costs and greatly reduce the cost of car purchase, economy and durability. Moreover, due to the slow speed of manual operation, the docking of the aircraft door is safe, and there is no noise and no pollution.

The lifting mechanism is mainly composed of door frame, pedal type hydraulic cylinder, guide post rack, locking block, manual locking rod, locking spring and so on. Ladder body platform lifting adopts pedal type; Both sides of the guide column rack, guide sleeve, the middle of the lifting mechanism, assembled into the form of gantry, hydraulic cylinder front is provided with a platform height indicator. When the platform is raised, first tighten the unloading valve, use the pedal of the hydraulic cylinder to raise the platform, and the locking block will automatically beat. When the height is determined, the unloading valve will be slightly loosened. Due to the tension of the spring, the locking block will automatically lock the guide column rack and close the unloading valve. When the platform descends, close the unloading valve first, use the hydraulic cylinder pedal to raise the platform properly, push the lock lever handle forward to make the lock block free from the guide column rack, and then slowly release the unloading valve, and the platform slowly descends. (Note: The unloading valve cannot be loosened too quickly! Only slightly loosen).

Passenger boarding ladder (hand push)



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