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Ship Passenger Stair Introduction

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Ship Passenger Stair consists of base frame, fixed ladder, slide, soft connection platform, fine adjustment mechanism, hydraulic system and electrical system.

Main technical performance parameters

Maximum number of passengers (person): 60

Fixed ladder rungs: 14

Slide ladder rungs: 13 rungs

Flip ladder rungs: 2 rungs

Centre distance from front and rear support feet to middle diagonal support(mm): 2337, 3700

Ladder Size: Tread (W x D x H)(mm): 1500 x 300 x 180

Inside width of ladder body(mm): 1500mm

Outside width of ladder body (mm): 1790mm

Minimum platform height from the ground(mm): 1650

Maximum platform height above ground(mm): 6360

Soft connection platform turning amount (°): -15 ~ +15

Hydraulic system pressure (Mpa): 12

Hydraulic oil tank volume (L) : 93

Voltage(V): 12

The undercarriage is composed of the main chassis beam mounted on the longitudinal beam of the car, the ladder body bracket, the front and rear support leg beams, the inclined support leg beams and other accessories, with a total of 6 support legs in the front and rear.

The boarding ladder consists of fixed ladder, sliding ladder and overturning tail ladder, and the ladder body is made of aluminium-plastic plate with flat appearance.

a. Fixed ladder: the fixed ladder is mainly composed of ladder body skeleton, ladder body side plate, handrail, roller assembly and step.

b. Slide ladder: the slide ladder is mainly composed of step side beam, ladder body side plate, handrail and step. When working, the expansion and contraction of the slide is achieved by the expansion and contraction of the lifting cylinder, which is simple and convenient to operate.

c. Flip tail ladder: the flip tail ladder is the second level tail ladder, which is mainly set up for increasing the departure angle in the process of transport, and adopts the automatic flip operation.

The soft connection platform is the part directly contacting with the ship, which is composed of soft connection platform frame, guardrail, hydraulic winch and camera, and flexibly connected with the upper part of the ladder. In order to ensure the safety of the platform near the ship, the soft connection platform downward floating limit position for -15 °, to reach this position to issue an alarm signal, in order to ensure the safety of the position of the mechanical limit mechanism to ensure that the two-way with the electronic control to ensure that the limit position of the downward floating; exceeding the position of ± 15 degrees will be issued an alarm signal, alarm occurs when you must not step on the platform of the soft connection, the soft connection platform can be up and down, the working range of -15 ° ~ +15 °, the soft connection platform can be up and down, the soft connection platform, the working range of The soft connection platform can swing up and down with a working range of -15°~+15°. When the soft connection platform is docked with the cabin, the docking status can be viewed through the camera in the cab. When stop working, the soft connection platform is turned over to +80° position, and the locking pin is manually triggered to lock the soft connection platform, and the next time the soft connection platform is put to dock the hatch, the locking pin needs to be manually loosened and then start the hydraulic winch.

Ship Passenger Stair



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