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Aircraft Passenger Ladder Structure And Composition

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1. Car chassis: Qingling NKR77PLPACJAY chassis, engine is Isuzu 4KH1-TC diesel engine, power 96Kw/3400rpm (130 hp), discharge up to Euro III standard, equipped with exhaust brake, wheels 7.50-15, driving interior There are heating and cooling air conditioners.

2. Underframe: The underframe consists of the auxiliary longitudinal beam and the slewing bearing seat, the body, the front and rear support leg beams, the support legs and other accessories installed on the longitudinal beam of the car. There are 6 supporting feet in front and rear. The supporting legs adopt the middle diagonal bracing form, which increases the supporting area of the passenger car's supporting legs, increases the working stability of the passenger car and improves the wind resistance, and can carry the wind speed of eight.

3. The ladder body consists of a fixed ladder, an elevator and a tail ladder. The grab bars are made of stainless steel.

3.1 Fixed ladder: The fixed ladder is mainly composed of channel steel, ladder side beam, ladder frame, ladder side panel, handrail and panel.

3.2 Lifts: Lifts are mainly composed of channel steel, ladder side beams, ladder frame, ladder side panels, handrails and panels.

3.3 tail ladder: hydraulic automatic turning mechanism is used to extend the work for passengers to get on and off the plane; when driving, it is easy to walk.

4. Platform: The platform is a component that directly contacts the aircraft. It consists of a fixed platform, a telescopic platform, a sliding side door and a telescopic cylinder, and is rigidly coupled with the upper part of the elevator. In order to ensure the safety of the platform close to the aircraft, an electrical limit switch is installed at the front end of the platform to automatically and reliably stop the platform when it is close to the ideal position of the aircraft. The telescopic platform can swing left and right. When the passenger ladder car and the aircraft door are not perpendicular to each other, the error between the platform and the door can be automatically adjusted. The sliding side door is used to adjust the neutral position caused by the expansion and contraction of the telescopic platform. The sliding side door is fixed by mechanical positioning locking structure, which is convenient to lock and open, safe and reliable.

5, fine-tuning: micro-call to adjust the height of the platform and the aircraft door, can achieve the adjustment of the ladder body and the ground ± 3 °, using the two sides of the guide column, guide sleeve, intermediate cylinder.

6, hydraulic system: mainly consists of fuel tank, oil pump, hand pump, electromagnetic reversing valve, manual reversing valve, throttle valve, check valve, hydraulic control two-way lock and each action cylinder.

7. Electrical control system: In addition to the electrical circuit of the original chassis, the electrical control system mainly has the following aspects:

7.1 Special lighting circuits: platform lights, ladder lights, width lights, ruler lights, etc.;

7.2 Height display circuit: height meter microcomputer host, sampling circuit, etc.;

7.3 active platform control circuit, platform collision avoidance protection circuit;

7.4 ladder lift lock position control circuit.

8, optional parts

8.1 Optional canopy, the canopy material is made of engineering plastics ABS with excellent performance, and the skeleton is made of high-strength aluminum alloy profiles. The support rod is made of stainless steel rectangular tube. The canopy has light weight, high strength, good rigidity and beautiful appearance.

8.2 platform (optional) docking aircraft visual device: installed in the front lower edge of the platform, the liquid crystal display is installed in the cab, and the operator can intuitively observe the distance between the platform and the aircraft during operation.

8.3 Handrails are available with rubber or mahogany handrails.

8.4 Steps are available with luxurious molded aluminum panels.



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