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Container Dolly product introduction

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Container Dolly is made of standard channel steel and steel pipe welded. The trailer is equipped with an active limit device according to the size of the container and pallet, and fixed limit devices are arranged on both sides to prevent the trailer from tipping over. It can be loaded with a P1P or P6P container plate. One LD4, LD6, LD8 container; Two containers LD1, LD2, LD3, LD9, LD11, LD26, LD39 18 Ton Airport Container Dolly 3 Ton Airport Container Dolly 7 Ton Airport Container Dolly 7 Ton Airport Container Dolly

Main Technical Parameter
Dimension:3200-3250*1700-1750*1320-1360 ㎜
Worktable size:3200-3250*1700-1750*1320X520-560 ㎜
Working platform surface height from the ground:560 ㎜
front railing height:800 ㎜
behind the railing height:160 ㎜
Dead weight:≥520KG
Minimum load:≥2000 ㎏
Wheelbase:2000-2100 ㎜
wheel distance:Front wheel 1200 After 1300 ㎜
Maximum driving speed:≤25km/h
Minimum turning radius:≤3500mm



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