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Air Pallet trailer

Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., Ltd. was founded in 2011 with a registered capital of 88.66 million yuan. Located in Jianhu, Jiangsu Province, it is a state-level high-tech enterprise with more than 200 employees, including about 80 R&D technicians.
The company has mechanical processing, surface painting, overall assembly workshop and hydraulic dust-free workshop, electrical laboratory, material storage building, testing workshop, office building, living building, and equipped with a set of scientific research, production, experiment and other advanced equipment and facilities. Company 30 products have been issued by the Civil Aviation Administration of certification or civil Aviation Administration equipment announcement. It has an annual production capacity of 5000 sets of vehicles and equipment.
Product Description

Model:Air Pallet trailer


Main technical parameters of unpowered trailer

Serial  Item Technical specifications
1 Dimension 3200-3250*1700-1750*1320-1360 ㎜
2 Worktable size 3200-3250*1700-1750*1320X520-560 ㎜
3 Working platform surface height from the ground 560 ㎜
4 front railing height 800 ㎜
5 behind the railing height 160 ㎜
6 Dead weight ≥520KG
7 Minimum load ≥2000 ㎏
8 Wheelbase 2000-2100 ㎜
9 wheel distance Front wheel 1200   After 1300 ㎜
10 Maximum driving speed ≤25km/h
11 Minimum turning radius ≤3500mm


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Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industy Co., Ltd.
Factory: No.2 Hang Kong Road High-tech zone, Jianhucounty, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province, P.R.China
Shanghai Office: Floor 6th, Bld 36, No1218 Huateng Road,Qingpu District Shanghai, P.R.China
Tel: +86 21 50496088 / +86 400 9980 919
Mobile: +86-137 6133 5725 (As WeChat)
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