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Do Aircraft Tractors Need To Be On Airports And Carriers

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The airport aircraft tractor is related to the safety of this machine factory, and it is also used for safety tractors. Aircraft carrier tractors are safe for warplanes and aircraft carriers. The safety of warplanes and aircraft carriers is related to the victory or defeat of a national war. The requirements for aircraft tractors are different from those of other vehicles. The tractors on the aircraft carrier are more demanding, and the surface of the tires and the contact surfaces have sufficient friction to ensure stable driving without slipping under any circumstances. Another point is the traction on the aircraft carrier. The car needs to have a locking position function. No matter how bumpy the aircraft carrier is, the tractor cannot slide and rotate, so it is expensive at the price.

The existence of an aircraft tractor has several purposes. On the one hand, it solves the problem of aircraft ground traction. As long as the engine of a large aircraft is a turn, it is a minute of burning light. Therefore, it is impossible to rely on the engine of the aircraft itself to propel the long hangar on the ground, so the presence of the tractor is necessary. In particular, the design of the tractor itself takes into account the almost impossible problem of providing maximum traction in the smallest space, so that the center of gravity is lower, the volume is smaller, and the price is higher is inevitable. Another point is that modern airports require environmental protection, so tractors have begun to use electric vehicles.

Aircraft carriers are even more different. The space on the aircraft carrier is very expensive. The example between aircraft wings is calculated in centimeters. This intensive location simply allowed the fighter to taxi as much as it could and prevented it from entering the warehouse. just now. Of course, manpower is relatively cheap, but now it has more than 20 tons. How many people are there? So spending money is also worth buying a good tractor. This is also a guarantee of combat effectiveness.

Characteristics of the aircraft jet engine: Of course, there is no problem with the flight demand. The air in front of you will not be hidden. The faster you fly, the air intake, the parking state and the start will not start. Can only be connected to the power supply to start. Although some models can control the direction of the front wheels, due to angle and turning radius problems, the engine's high thrust point (basically on the aircraft axis) and extremely low resistance points (tire and ground contact points) may have directions. It is not enough to hit more planes and turn to a small turning radius. Don't forget that the jet engine can't be hung upside down. The jet engine efficiency ratio is too low. The principle of a jet engine is fuel combustion. Due to the increased speed of the propulsion turbine and the exhaust from the rear of the engine and the engine reaction, the air is heated and the volume of combustion products increases. In other words, using only the expansion portion, the engine's engine expansion ratio is very small, most of which is the effect of intense combustion, while the other two engines that use expansion are steam engines and forest engines, but both are essentially sealed. The usage rate is very high compared to unsealed. Therefore, using the aircraft itself is too expensive.



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