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Electric Aircraft Tow Tractor TYLTD300 Product introduction

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Electric Aircraft Tow Tractor TYLTD300 is a new generation of environmentally friendly electric tractor developed by our company following the zero-emission design concept and absorbing advanced electric tractor technology at home and abroad. The key components are imported with original components and independent intellectual property rights. The performance of this product is leading in China and has basically reached the advanced level of international counterparts.
The series tractor has unique design, excellent performance, wide vision, high efficiency and safety, energy saving and environmental protection, long driving range, fast replacement battery, more convenient control, quiet, stable, comfortable, stable and reliable performance, easy maintenance and other advantages, widely used in airports, national defense, railway, postal, manufacturing, medicine, logistics and other fields.
The Electric Aircraft Tow Tractor TYLTD300 mainly checks passengers' luggage onto the aircraft. The whole frame is steel structure, the electric control system uses the American CURTIS (CURTIS) AC controller, the drive system uses the Italian PMP (PMP) efficient wet brake drive integrated bridge, and the German Siammuller environmental 50V AC motor, the power reaches 28.7KW, the drive is strong, and the maximum speed of no-load is 25km/h.



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