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Baggage And Cargo Tractor

TYLTD300 electric tractor is a new generation of environmental protection electric tractor developed by our company following the zero-emission design concept and absorbing advanced electric tractor technology at home and abroad. The key components are imported and have independent intellectual property rights. The product performance has the domestic leading, basically reach the international counterparts advanced level. The series tractor has unique design, excellent performance, wide vision, efficient safety, energy saving and environmental protection, long driving range, fast replacement battery, more convenient control, quiet, smooth, comfortable, stable and reliable performance, convenient maintenance and other advantages, widely used in airports, national defense, railway, postal, manufacturing, medicine, logistics and other fields.
Product Description

Model: Baggage And Cargo Tractor

Vehicle parameter table

Type Alternating current motor Driving motor controller Rated voltage    V 48-80
Rated power / speed    KW/r/min 22/1000 Overcurrent protection A 350
Rated voltage        V 50 Speed control mode Stepless speed control
Rated current (1h operating system) A 340 Power cell Class type Lithium iron phosphate battery
Protection class IP67 Capacity AH 900
Insulation class F Rated voltage   V 80
Cell voltage  V 3.2
Cell capacity  Ah 75
Total length  mm 3125 Total width    mm 1400
Total height  mm 2060 wheelbase   mm 1950
Angle of approach(°) 19 Departure Angle(°) 21.5
Front wheel pitch  mm 1200 Rear wheel pitch   mm 1200
Front overhang  mm 870 Rear overhang  mm 790
Minimum ground clearance  mm 150 Minimum turning diameter    mm 6550
Maximum speed   km/h 25 curb weight  kg 4100
Front axle bearing quality  KN 1880 Rear axle bearing quality kg 3040
Maximum tractive effort  kN 29 Maximum traction mass  km 30000
Rated tractive effort KN 9 Rated hook traction KN 12

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