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How To Adjust The Tightness Of The Loader Track

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The maintenance of the loader is a very important task, and it is not only good for the loader to operate safely, but also to extend the service life. Therefore, before and after the work, the loader should be inspected and maintained as required. During the operation, you should also pay attention to any abnormalities in the operation of the loader, such as noise, odor, vibration, etc., in order to timely discover the problem and solve it in time to avoid serious consequences due to the deterioration of minor faults. . At the same time, technical maintenance is well done, and it can also extend the large and medium repair cycle of the loader and give full play to its effectiveness.

When working on soft soil or pebbles, the track tension and the rollers will stick a lot of dirt, so the tension of the track needs to be slightly loose. When working on a flat and hard road, we need to tighten the track. The degree is slightly tighter.



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