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Introduction of JSTY5070KTE aircraft passenger stairway chassis and three-power system

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The aircraft passenger stairs is equipped with a widened chassis and six leg cylinders to stabilize the chassis; The current high safety factor of lead-acid colloid maintenance-free battery is used to provide electric drive, hydraulic drive to adjust the height of the platform, automatic control to simplify the operation process; Highly efficient anti-touch sensors ensure safe docking with the aircraft.

JSTY5070KTE type passenger boarding ladder is mainly modified by Qingling QL1070BEVECCAY type electric second-class chassis, and the underframe structure, fixed ladder and sliding ladder, tail ladder, hydraulic system and electrical system are installed.

Three power system introduction
Select the Guoxuan lithium iron phosphate battery pack power 96.77KWH, 4 batteries, equipped with battery management system and automatic fire extinguishing device at the same time can be manually opened.
The power battery system is composed of vehicle charger, BMS, vehicle battery and high voltage distribution box. The car charger provides a three-phase 380V charging plug which can be connected with the external standard 380V power supply to charge the battery; BMS can monitor the voltage, capacity, temperature and other information of the battery in real time, and exchange these information and set charging parameters with the vehicle charger and external standard charging pile when charging, and provide these information to the ECU system to provide data support for driving and operation. The on-board batteries are lead-acid maintenation-free batteries distributed on both sides of the frame, and 15 8v150AH batteries are evenly arranged on one side. The high voltage distribution box connects these components together and provides power to the motor controller.

Introduction of JSTY5070KTE aircraft passenger stairway chassis and three-power system



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