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Lift Platform Features

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Scissor lift platform features: mainly used in the logistics industry, production line, cargo lift, loading and unloading between basement and floor, can also be used for lifting stage, lifting console and so on. The product has stable structure, low failure rate, reliable operation, safe and efficient, and simple and convenient maintenance.

Features of the stage lifting platform: The hydraulic lifting platform is compact and stable, and can adapt to high frequency continuous operation. The height and stability of the lift can meet the steady lifting of large tonnage cargo. The hydraulic lifting platform is equipped with a hydraulic system that is anti-attachment and overloaded to ensure safe operation. The hydraulic lifting platform roller, ball, turntable and other countertops can be arbitrarily configured to meet the requirements of different working conditions.

Single-column aerial work platform features: suitable for single-person climbing operation, single-group high-strength aluminum alloy mast lifting, light weight, good maneuverability, compact structure, can enter the general elevator car and narrow passage, special 桅The inter-column rail device makes the lifting smooth and free, and the double-protected leg structure makes the working platform safer and can be lifted close to the working surface. Additional accessories are available: door type cross-frame and auxiliary equipment for steps. Power supply: single AC, DC or AC and DC.

Double mast type lifting platform features: suitable for no more than two people to climb the work at the same time, has better carrying capacity, two sets of mast support work platform synchronous lifting, the overall lifting guardrail device, good strength, convenient loading and unloading, the working platform passes It can be assembled or disassembled in one lift, with the same convenience and flexibility of a single mast. The leg structure is the same as that of the single-column aerial work platform.

Self-propelled lifting platform features: driving by battery, you can control the walking and steering of the aerial work platform on the countertop. It is one of the relatively advanced aerial work equipment. It can walk at the highest altitude. The pit protection system provides maximum safety. It is highly automatic and safe. It can make indoor operation, strong, reliable and easy to maintain. Standard accessories, traceless tires, ramp alarms, two-wheel speed, free turn, charging indicator, timer, emergency descent system.



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