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Notes On Safe Operation Of The Loader

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Always sit in the seat during operation and ensure that the seat belts and safety devices are fastened and the vehicle should always be in a controlled state.

The working device joystick should be operated accurately and safely and accurately to avoid misoperation. Carefully listen to the fault. If there is a fault, it should be repaired immediately. The parts that are in working condition cannot be repaired.

The load cannot exceed the load carrying capacity, and it is extremely dangerous to perform work exceeding the performance of the vehicle. Therefore, the weight of the loading and unloading should be confirmed in advance to avoid overload.

High-speed rushing is equal to suicidal behavior, and high-speed rushing, not only destroys the vehicle, but also the operator will be injured, and the goods will be damaged. It is very dangerous and must not be tried.

The vehicle should maintain a vertical angle with respect to the loading and unloading. If the work is barely operated from the oblique direction, the vehicle will lose balance and be unsafe.

Before going to the load, check the surrounding conditions before proceeding. Site cleaning should be checked before entering a narrow area (such as tunnels, bridges, garages, etc.). Loading materials in windy weather should be operated downwind.

Work at the highest level must be carried out with care to lift the work unit to the highest fashion work, which may make the vehicle unstable, so the movement of the vehicle should be slow and the forward tilt of the bucket should be carried out with caution. When loading a truck or dump truck, care should be taken to prevent the bucket from hitting the truck or the dump truck, the bucket below the bucket, and the bucket not being placed above the truck cab.

Loader safe operation

The rear of the car should be carefully and clearly observed before reversing.



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