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TY-TD25 Baggage tractor Product introduction

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TY-TD25 Baggage tractor is a special vehicle independently designed and manufactured by Jiangsu Tianyi Aviation Industry Co., LTD. The main assembly of this model adopts the configuration of the corresponding level of mature automobile products at home and abroad, reliable performance and easy maintenance. The model can also be used in ports, stations, warehouses, industrial and mining enterprises and other places.

Technical parameter
Overall dimensions: 3000X1468X1450mm (no cab)
3000X1468X1950mm (with cab)
Minimum turning radius: 2900mm
Wheelbase: 1600mm
Front wheel base :1290mm
Rear wheel base: 1150mm
Rear drawbar height: 350/450mm (center)
Ground clearance: 150mm
The vehicle weighs 3800kg
Maximum tractive force: 25KN
Maximum speed: 35km/h



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