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TYLTD300 luggage tractor (electric) technical parameters

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Test basis:
GB 7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Vehicle Operation Safety", AHM913 "Basic Safety of Aviation Ground Equipment", GB/T 18849-2011 "Motor Industrial Vehicle brake Performance and Part strength", MH/T6048-2008 "Baggage tractor", AP-137-CA-2015-20R1 "Electric Aircraft ground service equipment General technical requirements"

Car body structure:
Overall steel structure, streamline shape, beautiful appearance, generous, suitable for traction, push operation.
The steering wheel with adjustable front and rear Angle, the seat can be adjusted up, down, front and back, and the operator can choose the best driving position.

Total length mm: 3200
Total width mm: 1400
Total height mm: 2000
Axis pitch mm: 1950
Maintenance weight kg: 4000
Front axle bearing mass kg: 1900
Rear axle bearing mass kg: 2450
Maximum travel speed (no load/load) km/h: 25/11
Maximum hook tractive force kN: 25
Rated hook tractive force kN: 12
Rated towing weight kg: 25000
Climb (no load) % : 35
Battery grade: IP67

TYLTD300 luggage tractor (electric) technical parameters



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