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Tianyi Electric Airport ambulift

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Tianyi Electric Airport ambulift is powered by Qingling QL1101BEVEMMAY's latest electric chassis.
The passenger boarding ambulift for mobility impaired mainly consists of: vehicle chassis, support foot assembly, lift system assembly, compartment assembly, front and rear platform assembly, hydraulic system and electrical system.
Mobility-impaired passenger boarding car with imported hydraulic system, 90% of the hydraulic parts for the original imported products, the use of the United States King Cold air conditioning, Parker hydraulic pipe joints, the trunk decoration using luxury buses, patented scissor forks, can be guaranteed for 15 years without stopping.
Passengers with mobility disabilities boarding car for disabled personnel to provide comfortable and safe boarding service car equipped with seats, handrails, wheelchair slot and other equipment, the use of safe with the different needs of customers, custom compartments interior decoration, modification of the chassis and so on.
Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 9780 mm×2300 mm×3700 mm
Compartment size (L×W×H): 7000 mm×2300 mm×2300 mm
Telescopic platform telescopic distance: 600 mm
Travelling distance of moving platform: 600 mm
Height of front platform from the floor: 2250 mm-6000 mm
Lifting height of compartment from the floor: 1440-6000mm
Rear platform height from the ground: 50 mm-1450mm
Wheelbase: 5200mm Approach angle: 19°
Angle of Departure: 14
Minimum turning radius: 10m
Overall weight: 11,180kg
Maximum load capacity of compartment: 3000kg
Maximum load capacity of front platform: 2000kg
Maximum load on rear platform: 500kg
Allowable working wind speed: Class 8
Maximum speed: 80 km/h
Approaching aircraft speed≤0.8 km/h

Tianyi Electric Airport ambulift



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