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WTJ5100JCR ambulift(Internal Combustion Semi-drive) technical specification

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ambulift (semi-piloted) for passengers with limited mobility boarding and disembarking services

Product standard
AMH913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aircraft Ground Support Equipment
GB1495-2002 "Limits and measurement methods for external noise of Vehicle acceleration"
GB7258-2004 "Motor Vehicle operation Safety Technical Conditions"

Working condition
Altitude: 3700m;
Ambient temperature: -20℃ ~+50 ℃;
Maximum wind speed: 20.8m/s;

Technical specification
Overall dimensions (length × width × height) : 9540 mm×2460 mm×3770 mm
Interior dimensions (length × width × height) : 6350 mm×2200 mm×2100 mm
Telescoping distance: 600 mm
Front platform height: 1400 mm - 5800mm,
Body lifting height from floor: 1420-5800mm
Height of rear platform from ground: 0mm to 1420mm
Wheelbase: 5200 mm
Approach Angle: 14°
Departure Angle: 14°
Channel circle diameter: 20500mm
Vehicle weight: 11250kg
Maximum load: 2500kg
Maximum load of front platform: 1200kg
Maximum load on rear platform: 500kg
Allowable working wind speed: Level 8
Maximum speed: 75 km/h
Approaching aircraft speed ≤3 km/h
Maximum working pressure: 16 Mpa



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