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What is the main structure and configuration of JSTY5100JSPE aviation Catering Truck

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aviation Catering Truck is mainly composed of chassis, support feet and lifting device, body, working platform, hydraulic system, electrical system and so on.

1. Chassis
Qingling QL1101BEVEMMAY Class II electric chassis. The energy storage device is lithium iron phosphate battery (new energy of Ningde era). Drive motor TZ370XS-LKM0851 permanent magnet synchronous. The tires are 235/75R17.5 14PR. The bottom frame is always a frame structure, consisting of a girder frame and four hydraulic support feet.
2. Support feet
Qingling QL1101BEVEMMAY aviation food truck is equipped with 4 support feet, each support foot cylinder interface is installed with two-way hydraulic lock. The supporting feet do not exceed the width of the carriage. Operating status warning lights for support feet mounted on the dashboard in the cockpit. The hydraulic cylinder of the support leg adopts the vertical support mode, which reduces the pressure of the tire and the leaf spring and plays a stable role.
3. Lifting device
The lifting form adopts fork frame type. The fork frame girder and auxiliary girder are designed to be wider than the chassis girder. The lifting frame is made of channel steel material, the cutter and fork arm is made of high-strength rectangular tube material, and the wall of the cutter and fork is equipped with a reinforced structure. The lifting cylinder adopts single-stage plunger type cylinder, two cylinders are side by side, and the starting Angle of the cylinder is designed reasonably. Each part of the shaft pin has a shaft sleeve, an oil injection hole, and the roller shaft is a through shaft.
4. Car body
The two sides of the carriage are made of 70mm thick thermal insulation composite material, and the roof of the carriage is made of 105mm thermal insulation composite material. During transportation, the internal temperature of the carriage is 5-10℃. The front and back doors of the carriage are insulated sliding doors. 5 embedded LED white lights are installed inside the carriage. Each side of the compartment is equipped with a stainless steel gusset plate for the dining car, and two nylon anti-collision strips are installed. The rear of the vehicle is equipped with anti-collision strips of the car body, and the rear of the car is equipped with a working ladder to facilitate the staff to enter and exit the car.
5. Work platform
The platform is a frame structure, which is composed of a fixed platform, a left and right moving platform, and a front and back shrinking platform. The fixed platform is located at the top of the cab and can slide up and down the front rail of the food car. The left and right moving platform is installed on a fixed platform and can move from 0 to 500mm. The front and rear telescopic platform is installed on the left and right moving platform, and the front and rear moving range is 0-600mm. The stainless steel folding guardrail is between the fixed platform and the left and right moving platform. Rotating and retractable stainless steel guardrail is installed on both sides of the platform. The telescopic platform stainless steel railing and the front end of the platform are equipped with D-shaped non-scratch anti-collision rubber hose.

What is the main structure and configuration of JSTY5100JSPE aviation Catering Truck



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