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Xu Song, General Manager of Qingling Group, and his delegation visited Tianyi Corporation

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On 20th March, 2024 (Wednesday), Xu Song, General Manager of Qingling Group, and his delegation visited Tianyi to exchange cooperation matters. Tianyi is a long-term partner of Qingling Group.

Ma Haibing, the chairman of Tianyi, and Xu Zhigao, the general manager of Science and Innovation Centre, accompanied the whole visit to the equipment production workshop and Science and Innovation Centre. Xu Song and his party carefully observed the production process, understood the product characteristics and asked about the technical advantages in detail.

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In the year of 2023, Tianyi Co. independently and originally designed two chassis with large comprehensive leading ability in the civil aviation industry and cooperated with Qingling for production.

The solid development of this co-operation has laid a solid foundation for the leading development of some products of Tianyi in the coming period. As a result, Tianyi's solid technical foundation and excellent technical integration capability have been highly recognised by Qingling Group.

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The main content of this visit is to negotiate with Tianyi to retrofit the chassis of commercial vehicles and special purpose vehicles sold by Qingling Group with collision avoidance system, new energy equipment big data supervisory system, and automatic driving line control modification, so as to improve the comprehensive leading performance of Qingling automobile chassis.

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After the visit, the two sides held a discussion and communication, General Manager Xu Song listened to the report on the business development of the enterprise, and the two sides will further strengthen and deepen the cooperation and exchange.

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