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WTJ5160JSP Aircraft Catering Truck frame structure

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Aircraft Catering Truck (Diesel) underframe is always a frame structure, composed of girder frame, front platform bracket, and four hydraulic support feet. The hydraulic support adopts the straight support foot, which can ensure the safe work in the eight-level wind, the twelve-level wind keeps the car body stable, and the anti-rollover safety factor of the car body is greater than 2.5

The aviation food truck is equipped with 4 support feet, two on each side, and a two-way hydraulic lock is installed at the cylinder interface of each support foot, so that the food truck plays a stable role in the process of lifting and catering.

An indicator indicating the position of the foot brace is installed in the cab. If the foot brace is not put away, the vehicle cannot start.

The four support feet can ensure the safe operation of the vehicle in the eight-level wind (75KM/H), keep the car stable in the second-level wind (120KM/H), and the rollover safety factor is greater than 2.5.

The lifting of the car body and the contraction of the support feet are controlled by linkage switch. When all the support feet are not completed, the carriage cannot rise. When the fall of the carriage is not completed, the support feet cannot be withdrawn to prevent accidents caused by misoperation of the staff

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