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Aircraft Garbage Vehicle Trash Can Body Assembly

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Aircraft Garbage Vehicle is a manual chassis, the cab is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, with a crew of 3 people; the drive type is 4×2; the vehicle has the features of easy and reliable operation, smooth lifting, beautiful shape, etc., and it can be applied to the use of the aircraft with the cabin door height of 2.4-5.8 m. The garbage tank has a volume of 18m3; the rated load is 1.6 tons.

The garbage compartment is composed of skeleton, skin, lid and door, with an effective volume of 16m3, in which the skeleton is welded with rectangular steel tubes, and the side and top skin are 1.2mm thick stainless steel plates, which are fixed on the inside of the skeleton with rivets, and the outside is glued to prevent the rainwater from leaking into the corroded rectangular steel tubes from the gaps, and the bottom skin is 1.5mm stainless steel and 1.5mm stainless steel screen, and the bottom skin is inclined from both sides to the middle, and the bottom skin is inclined from both sides to the middle. The bottom skin is made of 1.5mm stainless steel and 1.5mm stainless steel screen, the bottom skin is tilted to the middle from both sides, which is good for the water in the garbage to flow into the middle channel, the middle and the bottom is the screen, and the tail is the 80mm deep sink, which can ensure that the box is tilted, the water does not flow out; there is a garbage putting hatch opening of 1540×1100 in the front top of the box, the lid of the box is made of the whole piece of patterned plate processing and molding, which can be opened or closed by the way of the oil cylinder drive. The opening at the rear of the box is 1795×1385 and is equipped with a closed door operated by a hydraulic cylinder.

Aircraft Garbage Vehicle Technical Data

Overall length mm: 7895

Overall width mm: 2340

Overall height mm: 3300

Wheelbase mm : 3815

Wheelbase (front/rear) mm: 1685/1650

Front overhang mm : 1100

Rear overhang mm: 2340

Approach angle (°): 24

Departure angle (°): 14

Longitudinal passing angle (°): 16.5

Minimum ground clearance mm: 247

Outer diameter of passage circle mm: 16490

Total mass kg: 6200

Gross mass kg: 8300

Trash compartment volume m3: 20

Maximum tilt angle ° :36.5

Table lifting height mm :2400~5800

Maximum speed km/h: 85

Allowable loaded garbage mass kg :1900

Front platform telescopic range mm :0~800

Temperature range ℃ :-35~65

Range km :305

Rated power kw/r/min: 75/2000

Total voltage V: 618.24

Total energy storage capacity kWh : 106.95

Aircraft Garbage Vehicle



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