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Aircraft sewage truck (electric) maintenance

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JSTY5060GWSE aircraft sewage truck (electric) is designed for the rear lifting work platform, large capacity cleaning, sewage tank in the middle, vacuum pump suction system and water pump water supply system, vacuum pump suction system can efficiently and conveniently provide sewage suction service for aircraft sewage tank, water pump water supply system for aircraft sewage tank and sewage truck sewage tank provide cleaning function. The chassis cab of the product is flat head, single row seat, two-door type, and the occupant is 2 people; The drive type is 4×2, the volume of the clean water tank is 1.6m⊃3;, the volume of the sewage tank is 3.28m⊃3;, the effective volume of the circulation water tank is 0.2m⊃3;, and the flow rate of clean water is 220L/min. The suction sewage flow rate is 600L/min.


JSTY5060GWSE aircraft sewage truck (electric) maintenance, chassis according to the contents of the chassis instruction manual. Modified vehicle maintenance press

The requirements are carried out.

1. Check daily before use

1) Check the water level meter of the water tank to see whether to add clean water.

2) There is no oil leakage and water leakage in the whole car.

3) In winter, when used in low-temperature areas, the water in the water tank and the water in the water pump should be drained in time every day to avoid freezing.

2. Check monthly

1) According to daily inspection;

2) There is no oil leakage in the hydraulic pump and accessories, there is no friction, damage and loosening of the pipeline, and there is no wear and tear of the hydraulic hose.

3) Whether the connectors of each electrical wire are loose and corroded, and whether the wires are fixed and wrapped firmly;

4) railing, platform floor deformation;

3. Other maintenance checks

1) A week after the new car is used, the fasteners of each component should be checked for loosening and falling off.

2) After the new car is used for six months, the hydraulic oil should be replaced, and then replaced every two years, and the oil filter should be cleaned.

3) If it is necessary to repair the hydraulic system, close the stop valve of the hydraulic tank and carry out the maintenance operation.



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