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25KN Electric Baggage Tractor

electric powered baggage tractor
Product Description

Adpot ZY76A90-10003MD135FB-4P3SA lithium battery pack, power pressure 72V, capacity is 900Ah;

1238E-6521 speed setting controller;

Schabmueller GMBH TSA300-270-003 towing motor

rated towing weight 30T

Ac traction motor mode Ac motor Controller of Traction   motor rated voltage V 48-80
Rated power/ rotate speed 22/1000 Over-current protection A 550
Rated voltage V 50 speed adjustment mode Step-less adjustment
Rated current 340 battery type Lithium iron phosphate
insulation grade F Rated voltage V 72
Capacity Ah 900
Single voltage V 3.2
Single capacity Ah 75
Total length mm 3610 Total width mm 1400
Total height mm 2060 Wheelbase mm 1950
Wheelbase(front/rear) mm 1200/1200 Front hanger mm 870
Rear hanger mm 790 ramp angle(°) 23.5
Approach angle(°) 19 Departure angle(°) 21.5
Min. ground clearance  (mm) 150 Min. turning diameter mm 6550
Max. speed km/h 25 curb weight kg 4920
Load of front axle 1880 Load of rear axle 3040
Max. drawbar pull 29 Max. tractive tonnage 30000
Rated .drawbar pull 9 --- ---

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