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Baggage Conveyor Belt Loaders

We export a lot to other countries. Please rest assured of our good quality, best price and long-term supply. It has won good reputation from domestic and abroad.5 Main technical spec data 1 Product Name: Self-Propelled Convener-Belt Loader 2 Product Model: Product Introduction: TY-XC80 self-propelled convener-belt loader is a new luggage transporter designed and manufactured by Jiangsu Tianyi Airport Special Equipment Co., Ltd chassis is self-made. The product is advanced and concise in product design, safe, reliable, reasonable in structural design, safe and convenient in operation, advanced in process, beautiful in appearance, highly reliable and easy to maintain. It can provide safe and efficient luggage conveying operation for all aircraft types. 3 Product Standard IATA AHM 925 Functional Description of Power-Driven Convener Belt Loader IATA AHM 913 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment IATA AHM 910 Basic Safety Requirements for Airport Ground Support Equipment
Product Description

We produce a lot of this product every month, and sell to domestic market and overseas market. It has won good reputation from domestic and abroad. Hope we can establish long-term cooperation with your esteemed company. You'll be proud of your choice one day. Please refer to the following picture and parameters. we have controlled the 40% of the Chinese market.

4 Major Performance And Technical Parameters

Height Range of Convener Belt s Front End (mm)

1200 4200

Height Range of Convener Belt s Rear End (mm) 540

1300 Width of Convener Belt (mm) 700

Maximum Uniform Load of Convener Belt (kg/m)


Maximum Mass of Single Cargo (kg)


Maximum Inclination of Convener Belt


Conveying Speed of Convener Belt (m/s)

0.16 0.5m/s

Maximum Travel Speed (km/h)


Minimum Steady Travel Speed (km/h)


Wheelbase (mm)


Minimum Turning Radius (mm)


Ground Clearance (mm)


Approach Angle


Departure Angle


L W H (mm)

8000 2100 2080

Vehicle Curb Weight (kg)



Product Inquiry



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