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Airport Cargo Loaders

14T Cargo Loader The 14T cargo loader is a diesel vehicle with a loading capacity of 14,000 kg and a transport speed of 18 m/min. The chassis is based on a sturdy steel construction and reinforced to prevent damage and resist warping. The TY-14T has a number of assembly components and characteristics in common with the 7T cargo loader. The 7T cargo loader boasts an above-average service life due to precisely de ned and calculated components for lifting and transport. The Unit’s front platform is precisely measured to be perfectly equipped for the respective cargo load. The added technology for the drive is the first of its kind in aircraft handling equipment. Its technology and the electronic motor management set standards of efficiency and safety. Due to its compact design, the 14T cargo loader can also be used for Lower Deck handling. The high handling demands makes this model the perfect unit for nose boarding of wide-body aircraft like the Boeing 747. Hope we can establish long-term strategic business cooperation. If u have any questions when u buy our product, feel free to contact me.
Product Description

Guide rail operating width: 1,500 – 3,400 mm

Turning Radius : 13,800 mm

Weight:32 t

Transport Speed: 18 m/min

Lifting/Lowering Time: 25 – 45sec.

Travel Speed: max. 15 km/h

Main Platform

Load bearing Capacity: 14,000 kg

Stroke height: 495 mm- 5,600mm

Bridge Platform

Load bearing Capacity: 14,000 kg

Stroke height: 1,880 - 5,600 mm


Front Axle: steering axle with planetary gear

Rear Axle: non-driven

Tyres: front axle / rear axle Large-dimensioned air tyres / solid rubber tyres

Support :8double-acting hydraulic cylinders

Lift system: sturdy scissor system with hydraulic cylinders and re-enforced bearings

Motor: Deutz Diesel TD2012 M4 with EMR

Brake System: hydraulic multiple disc brake and spring-loaded parking brake.

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