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Conveyor belt and bracket for TY-XC80 bulk cargo loader

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Conveyor belt and support to the transmission belt, main frame, rack, drive roller, the driven roller, adjusting roller, drive motor, guide plate, etc.

Conveyor belt width 700mm, thick 8mm, three layers of woven Taiwan imported NANG conveyor belt, the lower end of the conveyor frame is installed with two groups of conveyor belt correction devices to ensure that the conveyor belt does not run before and after. The support is made of 4mm thick steel plate, and the width of the working face of the transmission frame is 900mm. The transfer load can reach 1200 kg, and the transfer device is equipped with a hydraulic balance device, which can transmit up to 400 kg of large pieces. The luggage transfer speed is adjustable, and the transmission is safe and reliable. And the front and back ends are equipped with a control switch and an emergency stop switch, which is convenient to shut down the engine in an emergency and prevent accidents. The driving motor drives the belt up and down by driving the large roller, and the tensioning combination roller can adjust the tension of the conveyor belt. In order to increase the strength of the structure, the main frame of the conveyor frame adopts the trough beam structure.

The front end drive drum is 210mm in diameter plus a large coated drum, polyurethane material rubber layer, providing sufficient friction while providing up to 20 years of service life. The rear end is the conveyor belt tensioning device, and the adjustment amount of up to 160mm before and after makes the conveyor belt easy to disassemble and maintain.

The bearing roller is thickened with a wall thickness of 2mm. The distance between the front and rear ends of the roller is only 70mm to ensure that the loading and unloading of luggage will not be damaged by the cargo. The middle distance is 180mm to minimize subsequent maintenance. The bearing roller made of seamless steel pipe is durable, and the bearing is imported from Japan or France. The rotary switch of the conveyor belt adopts the switch of military products, which is sensitive, reliable and has long service life. The transfer frame adopts the front drive drum type to transfer heavy objects. When climbing and transferring heavy objects downward, there is a balance valve device to prevent rapid slide, and the safety performance is good.

Hydraulic motor front drive system, transmission efficiency is 30% higher than the rear drive system, 24 degree Angle transmission 1200kg of goods, hydraulic system pressure is only 7Mpa, and the drive motor is not easy to slip. The motor is located under the belt for easy installation and subsequent maintenance.

Stainless steel guide baffles with a height of 100mm are installed on both sides of the conveyor frame to prevent luggage from sliding out of the conveyor frame; The right baffle can be folded with the armrest and lowered below the conveying surface. The height of the handrail is 850mm when lifted.

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