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Electric Airport ambulift main components are introduced

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Electric Airport ambulift chassis adopts the QL1101BEVEMMAY electric chassis (chassis with a total approved mass of 14.4 tons) produced by Qingling Automobile Co., LTD. The national tested vehicle assembly mass is 10.900 tons and the rated load of the cage is 3.5 tons. The total weight of the vehicle is 14.40 tons, the only product in the industry whose chassis is not overweight. At present, the product is the lightest total weight in China, the largest bearing capacity, the best steering and braking performance, the lowest maintenance and operating costs, and the highest safety and reliability of pure electric aviation food trucks

Cab is three, flat head, high strength, reversible, seat reinstalled leather chair cover, environmental protection floor adhesive, configuration LCD display, heating and cooling air conditioning, electric booster, AM/FM radio, luxury interior light, function control with automatic gear lever, large box air conditioning control panel, 360 monitoring display, ASD function display, Take the force switch and install the air conditioning switch. All integrated in the cab for easy operation by the driver.

Equipped with 4 diagonal support feet have a better wind resistance grade and stable support box, each foot cylinder interface is installed with two-way hydraulic lock, and the working state warning light of the support foot is installed on the dashboard in the driver's room. The hydraulic cylinder of the support leg adopts the diagonal support mode, which reduces the pressure of the tire and the leaf spring during work and plays a stable role.

The energy storage device adopts the lithium iron phosphate battery of Ningde Times, which has the first domestic market share, with automatic fire extinguishing device, and the energy storage is 162.68kWh. It is arranged on both sides of the frame beam according to the two-layer design. The cycle life of a single unit is ≥4000 times, the battery capacity is 162.68kwh, the battery density is 155.95Wh/kg, and the protection level is IP68. Equipped with BMS control high and low pressure box auxiliary control.

The permanent magnet synchronous motor is adopted, the rated power and speed of the motor are 100KW and 1910r\min respectively, and the maximum speed is 2800rpm, which fully meets the power requirements

Vehicle length × width × height (mm) : 10500×2500×3700

Wheelbase (mm) : 5200

Wheel base front/rear (mm) : 1680/1650

Channel circle diameter (mm) : 20000

Maintenance weight (kg) : 10900

Total mass (kg) : 14400

Driving range (km) : 340

Platform working height (mm) : 2200-6000

Minimum ground clearance (mm) : 180

Rated load (kg) : 3500

Rated load of front platform (kg) : 2300

Rated load of moving part of front platform (kg) : 800

Temperature range (°) : -35-65

Assembly voltage V: 540.96

Total energy storage Kwh: 162.68

Electric Airport ambulift



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