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Aircraft Refuse Receiving Vehicle (WTJ5060LJC) Technical Parameters

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Product standard
1)GB/T31029-2014 Aircraft Garbage Vehicle
2)AHM910 Basic Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
3)AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aviation Ground Equipment
4)AHM915《Standard Control Devices
5)CCAR-137-CA-R3《Civil Airport Special Equipment Management Regulations
(6) AP-137-CA-2015-02 "Inspection Methods for Specialised Equipment for Civil Airports (for Trial Implementation)".
(7) GB3847-2005 "Vehicle Compression-ignition Engine and Compression-ignition Engine Vehicle Exhaust Smoke Emission Limits and Measurement Methods".
(8) GB20891-2014 "Emission Limits and Measurement Methods for Exhaust Pollutants of Diesel Engines Used in Non-Road Mobile Machinery (China Stage III and IV)".

Technical Parameters
Chassis: QL1070A5KAY
Engine: 4HK1CN5HS
Transmission: MSB-5SM
Overall length (mm): 7895
Overall width (mm): 2260
Overall height (mm): 3500
Wheelbase (mm): 3815
Wheelbase (front/rear) (mm): 1504/1425
Front overhang (mm): 1050
Rear Suspension (mm): 1370
Approach Angle (°): 24
Departure Angle (°): 12
Minimum Ground Clearance (mm): 180
Overall mass (kg): 5300
Gross mass (kg): 6510
Outer diameter of access circle (mm): 18000
Maximum travelling speed (km/h): 80
Trash compartment volume (m⊃3;):15.8
Maximum tipping angle of the compartment (°): 35
Minimum height of working platform (mm): 2400
Maximum height of working platform (mm): 5800



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