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Catering highloader compartment

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Catering highloader is suitable for C class models such as B737 and A320.

1. Body specifications: Overall dimensions (length × width × height, mm) : 5000×2010×2180.

2, the side panel and roof of the carriage are made of thermal insulation composite material, the thickness of the side panel is 30mm, the thickness of the roof is 70mm. The thickness of insulation floor is 65mm.

3. The interior and exterior layers of the thermal insulation composite material are FRP with excellent performance, lined with hard polyurethane foam insulation material, and the surface of the interior and exterior layers are advanced gelcoat with food grade anti-sunburn, anti-rain corrosion and excellent light preservation certified by Lloyd's Register of Shipping Society, without any treatment.

4, the interior of the body is lined with lightweight, high-grade, thermal insulation FVR structural profiles. Thermal insulation coefficient (W/㎡, K) ≥0.45.

5, the bottom plate of the body is made of non-slip pattern aluminum alloy aluminum plate, the joint between the aluminum plate is welded as a whole, non-slip, no water, no leakage. The connection between the bottom plate and the bottom frame of the car body: the standard is fixed with countersunk screws. According to customer requirements, it can be fixed on the side of the bottom plate, the entire bottom plate does not need to drill, and the waterproof performance is better.

6. The front and back of the car body are set as rolling shutter doors.

7, the interior of the car body is equipped with LED white light, power 30W. The lights are automatically turned off for 30 minutes. The number of LED lights in the body is standard with 5, and different numbers of lights can be installed according to customer requirements.

8. The four corners of the body side are provided with leakage pipes.

9. The left and right sides of the carriage are about 500mm and 1000mm from the bottom of the carriage, and two anti-collision strips are installed each, with a width of 80mm and a thickness of 20mm, and the number is 4.

10, the left and right sides of the car from the bottom of the car about 800mm height, should be installed each seat belt metal buckle, and the length of the box is equal.

11. The operation box in the body is arranged at 1500mm above the ground on the right front side of the car plate.

12. There are signs indicating the rated carrying capacity of the car body and warning signs for operation matters near the box.

Catering highloader



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