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Towable Passenger Boarding Steps performance features

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GB 7258 Motor Vehicle Operation Safety Technical Conditions

IATA AHM910 Basic Requirements for Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

IATA AHM913 Basic Safety Requirements for Aircraft Ground Support Equipment

IATA AHM914 Compatibility of ground support equipment with aircraft models

IATA AHM915 Standard Controls

MH/T6029-2014 Passenger boarding ladder

IATA AHM920 Technical specification for self-propelled telescopic passenger lift trucks

SAE-ARP836B Design and safety principles for passenger boarding ladders

GB/T 20234-2015 DC charging interface

C-CCF/XFJJ-01 General Technical Requirements for Fire Prevention and Control Devices for Power Lithium-ion Battery Boxes in Electric Buses

ISO/IEC 20000-1:2018 Information technology service basket system

GB/T 22080-2016/ISO/IEC27001:2013 Information Security Basket System

AC-137-CA-2020-01 Technical Requirements for Aircraft Ground Service Equipment Dependency Security

GB/T32960-2016 Technical Specification for Electric Vehicle Remote Service and Management System

AC-137-CA-2023-04R2 General Technical Requirements for Electrically Powered Aircraft Ground Service Equipment (Industry Only)

GB/T18387-2017 Limit value and measurement method of electromagnetic field emission intensity of electric vehicles (unique in the vehicle industry)

Adopting Qingling Class II pure electric chassis, the ladder body is made of Baosteel 960 high-strength steel.

Domestic only through the GB34660-2017 civil aviation standards, GB/T18387-2017 National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology standards double electromagnetic compatibility testing standards.

TY-ASD safety leaning system has won the national invention patent.

Equipped with reversing image, car recorder, GPS positioning, big data management platform, optional 360 surround view system.

The maximum carrying capacity of the passenger lift truck is 88 persons, and the lifting range is designed from 2.15m to 4.8m.

Vehicle sheet metal parts all adopt electrophoresis baking paint technology, chassis spraying armour, to meet ICAO-airp

Towable Passenger Boarding Steps Technical parameters

Overall dimensions (L×W×H): 7450×2500×3600mm

Lift height range of passenger lift : 2150~4800mm

Upper platform size: 4150mm*2200mm

Ladder size: 292mm*1500mm*192mm

Stroke of movable platform: 0-400mm

Maximum angle between the ladder body and the level : 37.5°.

Minimum ground clearance : 160mm

Outer diameter of channel circle : 16100mm

Overall quality : 7550KG

Carrying capacity: 88 persons

Front axle load capacity: 2590kg

Rear axle load capacity : 4960kg

Maximum speed: 80

Drive motor power : 60kw

Total voltage: 618.24V

Total energy storage capacity : Li-FePO4 battery 106.95kwh

Temperature range : -35~65

Battery energy density: 153.84Wh/kg

Towable Passenger Boarding Steps performance features



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