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What is the TYXC80 bulk cargo loader powertrain

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TY-XC80 bulk cargo loader power transmission system
1, Cummins engine
Model: QSF2.8t3Na49
Type: Four-cylinder, four-stroke, water-cooled, in-line
Displacement: 2.8L
Maximum output power: 35.7kw / 2600 r/min
Maximum output torque: 143Nm / 1800r/min
Emission: EU Stage IIIA, GB20891-2014 Phase IV emission
The engine is equipped with the original imported American Horton fan, large capacity aluminum plate fin radiator (integrated auxiliary water tank), installed with a large capacity air filter, the filter element is easy to replace, and installed the original oil water separator and diesel fine filter.
2, Japan Kangamura gearbox
Model: Y43280D, imported from Japan
Type: hydraulic transmission automatic transmission, torque converter for single-stage, 2-phase, 3-component integrated, characterized by simple structure, reliable work, stable performance, the highest efficiency of 92%
Forward 1 gear I: 20187; Reverse 1 gear R; 2.235
3. Axle
Front axle type: Steering axle with hydraulic disc brake, clamp brake, rated load capacity of 3 tons.
Rear axle type: Driving rear axle with drum service and parking brakes, rated load capacity of 3 tons.
4, tire: radial wire tire: 7.00R15
5, brake system: 8+9 inch vacuum power system, the maximum power ratio of 6.5, to provide good braking performance for the vehicle, Cummins original vacuum pump.

What is the TYXC80 bulk cargo loader powertrain



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