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Introduction of toilet unloading vehicle lifting platform assembly

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The chassis cab of toilet unloading vehicle is flat head, single-row seat, two-door type, with a crew of two; the drive type is 4×2, the volume of fresh water tank is 1.4m⊃3;, the volume of sewage tank is 2.4m⊃3;, the effective volume of circulating water tank is 0.24m⊃3;, the flow rate of fresh water is 90-150L/min; the flow rate of sucking sewage is 600L/min.

This product can be widely used in A300, A310, A318, A319, A320, B707, B727, B737, B747, B757, B767, B777, DC8, 1L-18, 1L-62, MD11, MD80, etc., in addition to Airbus A380 aircraft. The use of aircraft type.

1, lifting platform for the work of the operating platform, platform lifting height from the ground for 385mm-3760mm, can meet the current working height of different types of aircraft. Lifting cylinder for a single section of hydraulic cylinder, lifting mechanism using a new type of aluminium alloy profile production, the platform bottom plate is made of 4mm thick non-slip patterned aluminium plate, with self-cleaning function, you can make the water above the flow away very quickly to prevent the accumulation of ice in the winter non-slip, the platform is equipped with an electrical control switch assembly for controlling the water pump, the platform of the lifting and lowering.

2、Safety protection device is set on the platform. When the hydraulic operating system failure occurs, press the red "emergency stop" button, so that the engine power failure, immediately stop running, the hydraulic system does not work, the platform can not continue to rise or fall, to avoid the accident of the top of the aircraft.

3, the platform is equipped with a travel switch, when the platform is completely lowered to the lowest and touched the platform below the travel switch, the vehicle can only be driven, otherwise the gear off, thus ensuring the safety of the operator.

Main technical parameters of toilet unloading vehicle

Total length (mm): 7190

Overall width (mm): 2100

Overall height (mm): 2260

Wheelbase (mm): 3815

Wheelbase (front/rear) (mm): 1540/1425

Front overhang (mm): 1025

Rear overhang (mm): 2350

Approach angle (°): 22.5

Departure angle (°): 8

Minimum ground clearance (mm): 200

Overall mass (kg): 4060

Gross mass (kg): 8190

Outer diameter of access circle (mm): 17000

Maximum travelling speed (km/h): 80

Sewage tank volume (L): 2360

Fresh water tank volume (L): 1400

Water supply flow (L/min): 150

Minimum working platform height (mm): 385

Maximum height of working platform (mm): 3760

Sewage tank material: stainless steel plate 0Cr18Ni9Ti/4mm

toilet unloading vehicle



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